What is the Future of Modern Data Stack?

Richard Enriquez
1 Min Read

These last several years have become a milestone for the modern data stack. Even when data teams adopt it rapidly, innovation inside of it continues to go up.

It’s evident that change is still underway, from the database system to the data lake to the lake-house, the development of analytics engineering, and much more.

The advanced data stack on the lake-house has demonstrated to significantly optimize information architecture for organization’s to handle all their data, analytics and Artificial intelligence.

It allows you to construct powerful data products based on open standards that can be used across many clouds.

So what is coming next? 

Join a panel of co-founders and CEOs from Databricks, dbt Research laboratories, and Fivetran, all new data stack experts, as they discuss:

Increasing the number of people and businesses who can benefit from the lakehouse’s information and knowledge stack

The implications of edge data stack on future data strategies and how we’ll get there

Future implications for how we operate with data & Analytics

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